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Disposable Vapes

Adult vapers and smokers looking to make the switch have gravitated towards easy to use devices that place a premium on convenience, flavor and nicotine strength. These devices are a far cry from the powerful box mods for which Twist Eliquids formulated their original lineup of high VG and lower nicotine vape juices.

The availability of amazing Twst Salt flavors in a disposable vape is a huge feature. Juul, the best selling vaping device has pulled all of their top-selling flavors from the market. This includes Juul Mint, the most popular flavor with minors, which had previously appeared to be in position to skirt many of the proposed flavors bans. If you want to stay informed for on flavor bans at the state and municipal level, check out our Vape Bans By State resource page.

Combine the loss of popular vape pod flavors with the fact that disposables are often a better price performer and it is easy to see why disposables ecigs are the hottest thing in vaping today. For the complete history of the Juul device and nic salts, check out our feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.


     A pocket fitting disposable device holding your potentially new favorite vape juice known as a brand named RYSE. This company is known to come at you with top notch quality within their ingredients as well as the pull of the hit. Smooth mellow clouds soaking your tongue in luxurious fruits with every hit drawing in perfect airy notes that will have you hooked on the first hit. 

     What makes this line even better is that it has 16 delicious different flavors to choose from. You can get something new each time you place an order. And let’s not forget to mention the mentholated flavors. You got lip smacking fruits that pack an icy surprise blending itself into any flavor of your choosing.

     RYSE Disposable are dependable and guarantee ultimate satisfaction with every puff you take from this device. So if you’re curious I’d say go for it, neither of these flavors will disappoint you in no way, shape, or form.

Twist Disposable Vapes

The bright and delightful flavors of Twst Salts are now available in compact disposable vape.  Taking full advantage of their silky smooth and summery nic salt formulas, the Twst Disposable Vape immediately moves to the front of the pack in a crowded disposable ecig market. Twist Eliquids has a reputation for combining sweet and tart flavor elements in their vape juices. This balance is apparent in all four Twst Disposable Vape flavors. For a rundown of the Twst Disposable’s competition, check out our Best Disposable Vapes comparison test.

Dinner Disposable Vapes

So I got my hands on one of Dinner Lady's new disposable pod devices and thought I would give my opinion on it.



Who doesn’t love strawberries? I mean come on, they’re so hard to resist especially when you dip them into a bowl of sugar. Mmm, mm, mm! Delicious. Well this juice gives you a full blast of strawberry throughout the inhale and exhale. Freshly picked sun-kissed strawberries coating your tongue into a light pool of sweet vapor.


This juice has got it all. Tangy, citrus, and fruity tones all from one smooth hit from this device. On the inhale it’ll feel like you nibbled into a tangerine with all the juices streaming across your tongue. As you exhale each blend of flavor will mix together and intensify on the way out slightly staining your tongue with a soft tangy feel.


Mouth-watering watermelon has got me drooling just by the thought of it as a vape juice. Those gentle silky clouds carrying droplets of watermelon in each one. On the inhale the watermelon will splash on your tongue smothering it in this tasty fruit. As you go to exhale you’ll taste what's left of the flavor on your lips that you can just lick right off.


A savory beverage now made into a vape juice for you to enjoy twenty-four seven without going flavor blind no matter how many times you hit it. Each hit equals one sip of actual pineapple lemonade; they hit the nail on the head crafting this. On the inhale tangy citrus notes of pineapple will pile on your tongue as the bitter tones of lemon adds on more flavor when you go to exhale: creating a whirlpool of eye rolling pineapple lemonade.


The perfect amount of tropical mango flavor throughout the entire hit. On the inhale the tart notes of mango will wake those taste buds right up with excitement. As you go to exhale the sweet velvety tones of the mango nectar will ease it’s way into the mix making you feel like you just had a fresh slice.


A fusion of lemonade with a hint of cranberry and strawberry. Truly the perfect balance of sweet and sour for those who love a good bitter-sweet smack to the tongue. On the inhale the bitter notes of lemon carry a citrus draft that tags along all throughout the pull. When you go to exhale a fusion of cranberry and strawberry will hit the back of your throat bathing it in an everlasting fruity haze.


Light saccharine floods of grape vapor drift against your tongue during the inhale. As you exhale a little of the flavor sticks to your taste buds giving you a delicious aftertaste to enjoy after the hit. This juice really hits the spot if you’re craving for a good grape ejuice flavor.


If you just want straight menthol, here you have it. A snow storm of menthol packed into this portable device waiting to happen. As you inhale a smooth chilling cloud of vapor will quickly work its way onto your tongue. When you go to exhale the smooth will suddenly turn harsh as it smacks the back of your throat sending chills down to your spine. No matter the time of the day, one hit of this and it’ll have you feeling right in no time.


A mentholated flavor withholding the tones of freshly picked mint that’ll give you goosebumps after every hit. On the inhale a winter-like breeze will carry along your tongue enlightening each of your taste buds with ice cool vapor. As you exhale the taste of mint will soil itself onto your tongue grasping the sweet tones that just tingles your taste buds in excitement.


This little exotic fruit holds a big amount of flavor. Different tones of citrus, floral, and nectar-like sweetness. On the inhale a stream of lychee will trickle over your taste buds smothering them in lush bursts of citrus to wake those taste buds right up. As you exhale a chilled breeze and honeyed nectar tones will hit the back of your throat will adding on a hint of floral tones. After the hit you’ll feel goosebumps along your body with the sigh of all your stress leaving your body.


It’s bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Sweet banana with an icy feel in every puff you take. On the inhale a gush of creamy banana will clash through filling itself in any nook and cranny it could possibly get into. On the exhale the ice cool mentholated notes will take over everything stinging the back of your throat with satisfaction.


A perfect mixture of sweet watermelons with a nice iced kick to the taste. On the inhale a sweet rush of watermelon will layer onto your tongue only intensifying on the exhale as it carries the cooling breeze of menthol along with it. Chilled watermelon is all this device will ever give you and nothing could be better than that.


Sweet peach nectar that’s been sitting in the fridge for an icy refreshment. This vape juice mimics that exact moment of biting into a chilled peach as all the cold juice just flows right onto your tongue leaving you in complete awe the entire was until it’s all gone. On the inhale the subtle drift of menthol will travel across your tongue stinging the back of your throat as it makes its way. On the exhale sweet peachy notes will slide in and drag itself on the way out giving you that succulent nectar like juice to dazzle those taste buds in.


A delicious fusion of melons to enlighten your taste buds with. Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Watermelon fused together into one mind blowing vape juice. On the inhale honeyed velvety tones of cantaloupe and honeydew melon will immediately come rushing in carrying a slight creaminess along with it. As you exhale juicy watermelon will join the duo making a trouble trio towards the end of the hit pitching in its sweet flavor. The menthol carries throughout the pull adding in lush icy tones giving you that extra oomph you’ve been wanting.


Tart, sweet, and minty; It’s like having a 3 for 1 deal of a lifetime. On the inhale lush blueberry will crawl onto your tongue drawing in the tart herbal taste that it provides, as you exhale the tones of minty menthol will carry a soft sweetness and harsh chilling feel that just leave your throat feeling tingly.


So, Dinner Lady has been quite smart with the design of the box, it looks like a cigarette pack, even down to the top opening in the same way as a traditional pack of cigarettes. The design is very classy and inside, the device itself is sealed in a pouch, which I assume is for freshness. The Pod comes with a small rubber bung in there, in case of any leaks (Of which I had none at all) during transit. So, I would score one for Dinner Lady on this.

The device is.....well, premium. Unlike a lot of the disposable pods on the market, the Dinner Lady pod is aluminium in construction, with the opaque pod on top. The Dinner Lady Logo is emblazoned on the device and a blue Led is on the bottom, to show you battery life and that it is working. When compared to other disposables, you can see that they spent money to make sure their device stands head and shoulders above the others in terms of build quality. The Led is bright but not distracting and having a clear pod seems such a basic idea, but I don't recall any other disposable that has one. It's great for checking juice level on the go. The device itself is about the length of a cigarette, but obviously wider. It's not heavy at all and feels really good in the hand.

Well, its Dinner Lady! I've been a fan of theirs for a long time and know Lemon Tart is amazing so I thought I would try the blue menthol. If you like Heisenburg, you will love Blue menthol. Not as cold as Heisenburg, the flavour on the inhale is cool but not cold, with a fruity cacophony that just hits the right amount of flavour. The Pods are 20mg nic salt and yet the vape is smooth as silk, with only the menthol notes providing anything close to a throat hit. Vapour production is actually quite good for a disposable and flavour reproduction is very good. They also do a Smooth Tobacco, which I have yet to try but should be great for the tobacco lovers as I think it may be similar to the tobaccos Dinner Lady have released in the past.

£5.99 - Its spot on with the pricing here, seeing as this device is pitched at smokers looking to try vaping as an alternative. With a pack of cigarettes costing around £10, this means that you can buy one, try it for a day and if you still feel like punching the cat, you have still saved £5 on the day. This makes it a win-win and a no-brainer to try. For us vapers, however, what is the point in spending £5.99 on a pod that you throw away? Well, it's perfect as a backup device. One in the car for long road trips when you run out of battery/coil dies/ liquid runs out. It would also be a great solution on nights out, festivals etc when you don't want to run the risk of losing your main device. OH!! Holidays. Perfect, you can get that Lemon tart flavour without having to pack all your kit, what a space saver!!

Final Thoughts
I think, in terms of what it is, a disposable device, Dinner Lady have obviously taken a lot of time listening to customers and learning from the mistakes of others. I wouldn't feel embarrassed pulling this device out in front of my vaping friends or giving one to any smoker friends of mine. They would have a great introduction to vaping, from a company that has produced a great, premium feeling, device

Twst Disposable Vape

The Twst Disposable is about 3 inches in length. It has a form factor that is comparable to the Mojo, Nano, Stig and Myle Mini disposables. The specs will be familiar to any disposable vape shopper: 1ml of nic salt and 5 percent nic strength. Twst rates this device at 200 to 300 puffs.

The number of puffs depends almost entirely on how long each inhale you take is. The 300 puff number may seem a bit optimistic for a 1ml disposable, but I have found that these “mini” disposables often punch above their weight when it comes to longevity. The ejuice is stored in a closed reservoir so there is very little wastage or drying out while it is on the shelf.

As with other mini style disposables, the Twst Disposable’s battery is placed parallel to the ejuice tank. For the sake of clarification, the mini style of disposable is one of the two common disposable designs. The other is the stick disposable. In a stick style disposable, the battery is at the bottom and the juice and coil are near the mouth piece. The stick style more closely resembles a classic vape pod but are generally over 4 inches long.

The Twst Disposable is plastic but the finish is a carbon-fiber pattern. It does not feel cheap and the surface is tacky and tactile surface, rather than smooth. The mouthpiece is fairly long, about half an inch and nicely tapered. Like every other disposable nic salt ecig, and an LED lights up when the Twst is in use.

The mouthpiece may be long and wide, but the airflow is channeled through a hole that you would not be able to push a grain of rice into. This gives the Twst a satisfying draw and lessens the chance of debris wedging itself into the device. Since the battery takes up one half of the device, the left side when the label is facing you, the airflow is necessarily offset to the right, which is the side with the ejuice tank and coil.

There is nothing ground breaking about the design of the actual disposable. This is all time-tested disposable technology. Lean, flavorful and light. The draw here, no pun intended, are the massively popular Twist vape juice formulas. And you will happy to learn that the Twst Disposable delivers as advertised.

The flavor is crisp as can be never muted. If you are a fan of Twst Salt or regular Twist eliquids, you will probably want to check out the Twst disposable. They are sold individually, so the price of entry is well under $10.00. Now it is time to check out the Twst Disposable’s ultimate selling point, the legendary Twst Salt flavors.

Twst Disposable Flavors

Pink Punch Lemonade Twst Disposable

Twist Eliquids was launched when they rolled out Pink Punch Lemonade and Peach Blossom Lemonade. They have stuck by their guns, as Pink Punch Lemonade remains one of their featured Twst Salt flavors and one of the four nic salts chosen for the Twst Disposable Vape.

The Pink Punch Lemonade Twist Disposable juxtaposes a tart and authentic citrusy lemon with notes of sugary sweetness. In other words, it tastes like just like pink lemonade. There is a lot of depth and enjoyment to derived from a pink lemonade flavored vape, and the Twist Pink Lemonade Disposable is up to the task. This is an impressive flavor that tastes more fresh squeezed than powdered Country Time.

Iced Pink Lemonade Twst Disposable

Beverage and fruit flavored nic salts seem to work even better with a blast of ice. The Iced Pink Lemonade Twist Disposable is no exception to this rule. All of the delightfully familiar yet complex pink lemonade flavors are here, but the cooling mint finish is what sets this flavor apart.

Iced Madness Twst Disposable

This is a classic lush ice style flavor. The watermelon really pops and the overall depth of flavor certainly up to Twist’s high standards. The appeal of the watermelon ice tandem is well established at this point. If you like Lush Ice vape juices, the Iced Madness Twist Disposable is worth sampling.

Iced Fruit Punch Twst Disposable

Adults prefer fruit flavored vapes, as a study of 69,000 vapers conducted by Dr. Farsalino demonstrated. But Fruit Punch style vapes may have been given a black eye by Juul’s objectively objectionable (and now discontinued) and unrepentantly mediocre Juul Fruit Medley flavor. Sure, this flavor had fans but there is little doubt that Mango was their go-to fruit flavor. If you miss your mango of vape choice, check out our feature: Best Juul Mango Alternatives.

If Juul Fruit Medley is your only experience with a fruit punch vape, do not let that experience sully the good name of the Iced Fruit Punch Twist Disposable.  This an amazing vape. It avoids being overly sweet without being bland and watered down. The flavor is bold but not overwhelming. The iced finish is frigid and melds the disparate fruit flavors together. And like any great fruit punch, you can taste the individual fruits but the cohesive whole is what matters. Mixed berries, refreshing pineapple and citrus are all in evidence on inhale.

Final Thoughts on Twist Disposable Vapes

There is not a lot that distinguishes disposables in the area of performance, and consumers will naturally gravitate towards the flavors they prefer. If you are a fan of Twist Eliquids, the Twst Disposable is an obvious choice. The mini style disposable is proven conduit of incredible flavor and Twst extracted the most out of this established technology to create a superb disposable vape.   


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