AIR FACTORY FROST | Melon Lush Ice 100ML eLiquid

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Air Factory

 Melon Lush Ejuice by Air Factory is a succulent blend of giant summer watermelons and luscious honeydew melons that are blended perfectly with stretchy taffy. You can almost imagine yourself walking barefoot through the melon vineyards, in search of those deliciously sweet melons!

Ratio: 70/30 | Bottle Size: 100ml |  Flavor Type: Sweets

Melon Lush Ejuice by Air Factory presents a flavor that tastes as delicious as it sounds. Fat and juicy melons gleam on the vine as they swell to ginormous size under the scorching summer sun. But not just any melons...refreshing watermelons and smooth honeydew melons offer a lush and juicy flavor that will drive your vape taste buds mad! Theses sweet melons are hewn in half and crushed to glean every drop of sweet and delicious melon flavor possible. This delicious melon juice is swirled into a vat of saltwater taffy, where it gets stretched and pulled until the texture is just right!

This melon-infused taffy gets stuffed into a 100mL bottle and presented to you to be transformed into mouthwatering clouds! Air Factory prides themselves on creating lush and delicious flavor in each and every one of their e-liquids and Melon Lush is no exception. Sweet melons combined with chewy taffy creates a whirlwind of delicious flavor that makes Melon Lush one of the finest fruit and taffy e-liquids on the market! Take your clouds on a fresh fruit and sweet taffy journey as you continue your cloud-chasing journey, made possible by the delightful Melon Lush Ejuice by Air Factory! 

AIR FACTORY FROST | Melon Lush Ice 100ML eLiquid