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Donkey Kahn by Humble Juice Co 120ml vape juice is an awesome mixture of strawberry and banana with just the right amount of dragon fruit!

Do you like to start your day off with a thick and creamy smoothie that’s made with fresh, succulent fruits? If so, Donkey Kahn ejuice is guaranteed to satisfy you immensely. For this fruit blend, Humble Juice Co blended together juicy strawberries and creamy bananas before throwing in a splash of fresh dragon fruit juice.

With every inhale of Donkey Kahn ejuice, that enticing blend of strawberries and bananas soaks your tongue instantly. The strawberries have a hint of tartness that complements the banana flavor perfectly. When you exhale, the crisp taste of dragon fruit refreshes you.

Donkey Kahn vape juice from Humble Juice Co comes in a 120ml gorilla squeeze bottle. The 80/20 vg/pg base will give you tremendous vape clouds.

If your fruity vape cravings are driving you bananas, it’s time grab a fruity smoothie flavor that will satisfy your palate- Donkey Kahn eliquid.

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HUMBLE Donkey Kahn E Liquid