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What is dropship?

First, our dropship program is thoroughly explained here!

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The dropship website is for business customers only.

   Dropshipping is a service where our warehouse will ship on the behalf of another website, seller, or entity. 

Why dropship?

   There is no purchase until you've sold the item on your online store, marketplace store, or physical store. Along with with no investment or risk required in inventory, it also comes with the benefit of not having to worry about "dead stock."

   We work with you to let you know what's selling hot according to our market research and analysis. We offer living inventory sharing to let you know what's in stock and what's not. We are also strategically located to get products when oversold due to our network of drop ship partnerships.

How does it work?

   Start listing and selling things we have in stock and when its sold, you forward us the order details and we fulfill the order on your behalf at wholesale price and the cost of shipping. The shipping will be customized according to your needs and it will appear to the customer as if you sent it out. 

 We provide wholesale pricing policy with large quantity customer request. Please contact: support@Coolspacedirect.com

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