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Glas Basix Banana Cream Pie So, full disclosure on this one. I know this juice has been around for a while and I am sure there are a ton of reviews out for it already. I, for whatever reason never seemed to pick this up. I was in a local...
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Glas Basix Banana Cream Pie

Glas Basix Banana Cream Pie

So, full disclosure on this one. I know this juice has been around for a while and I am sure there are a ton of reviews out for it already. I, for whatever reason never seemed to pick this up. I was in a local shop recently and they had this on sale. So, I figured why not pick it up and finally try it. 

Juice description from their site: ” Banana Cream Pie is a custard filled flavor packed with rich and flavorful caramelized banana, pie crust, and vanilla custard. Just as good as the one your nana made and is sure to leave your taste buds satisfied.”

It’s actually been a little while since I have had a banana vape. In fact, I think the last one I had was the Banana Custard by Overloaded and we all know how that ended. But, I was hopeful going into this one, if a little cautious as well.

Flavor: Opening this up, the first thing I got was the smell of banana (no surprise), but it smelled like a natural banana. It didn’t have a candy smell to it. There was also a very decent amount of vanilla coming through as well.

On the inhale, I immediately got that banana. Now the banana is a very natural tasting one. The profile says that it is a caramelized banana. Which you do get. It’s almost hard to describe though. You first get a natural banana and right after, it turns to a caramelized one. Which is actually pretty interesting and works very well. Along with those banana notes, you get vanilla notes and a slight hint of custard.

With the exhale, the banana is still there, but fades back a bit and the flavors shift. Now you start getting more of the crust along with the vanilla and custard. The way they all blend together is very smooth and gives you the sensation of eating the exact food this is modeled after.

Cloud Production: Glas Basix Banana Cream Pie is labeled as a 70/30 blend. Which I do believe to be accurate based on the viscosity of the liquid. Now, that said, it does produce some very thick dense clouds that linger and fall to the ground nicely.

Throat Hit: The bottle I got was 3mg (my preferred nic level). This juice was very, very smooth. Zero burning or stinging out the nose or mouth. Very smooth overall.

Coil & Cotton: Ok, so this is a bit of a sweet juice. Not in your face sweet. But there is a good amount of sweetness there (which works perfectly in this blend). That said, it was very coil and cotton friendly. I was able to max out my personal time for changing out my cotton.

Bottle Size(s) & Nicotine MG Available: This juice is available in 60ml chubby gorilla bottles and nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg. 

Closing Thoughts on Glas Basix Banana Cream Pie: Here it comes, get ready. I loved this juice. Hands down, the best banana juice I have had to date.

I had a really bad experience with the last banana juice I tried. Prior to that I have had more than a few banana vapes. Some good, some bad. But this one honestly changed the game for me when it comes to banana vapes.

I have always liked banana flavors. But with e-liquid, they seem to be hard. Many are either too much of a candy banana. Others try to hard to taste “natural” and come off tasting rotten. With this one though, they nailed it.

Was this an all day vape? You better believe it was. Like I said, I bought a bottle in a local shop (on a whim) came home, rewicked one of my Gear RTAs and threw it in there. 2 puffs in and I was hooked. It has not left that tank since (though I have rewicked). I killed that 60ml bottle in about a day. Would you buy it again? Well lets see, I went back to the shop and bought the last 2 bottles they had. And. When I placed a juice order online this week? Yeah, 4 more bottles on the way (along with some new stuff to try and review).

I have a couple cons with this one though. But, they are not with the liquid itself. Oh no. It is with 1. the fact I can only get it in 60ml bottles, I really with 100 or 120mls were offered and 2. the price. Now suggested retail is $16.95 for the 60ml. I paid $15 in a local shop. You can find it online for as low as $11.89 (will post the link below as always).

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