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What’s the best part of having a big bowl of fruity cereal? Drinking the delicious, sugary milk at the end, of course! Now take that yummy experience and imagine transferring it to your vape… oh yeah, it’s as good as it sounds. Packed with lip-smacking flavor that makes you want to go back again and again, our Fruit Cereal salt nicotine flavor is proving to be one of our most popular.
With all this crazy for salt nic, and hey we are into it too, revisiting popular profiles like Fruit Cereals only make sense. It seems Mad Hatter got to it first with their Fruit Cereal which is part of their I Love Salts salt nic line up. This is a great, intense flavoured juice for a 25 or 50mg strength juice. We would love to see a 10 or a 15mg but for a 25 there is still plenty of great flavour. All the trademark Fruity Pastry qualities are there. It’s almost a mix between a Fruit Loops or a Fruity Pebbles. The high nic also keeps this juice from coming off to sweet and the nice throat hit from the 50/50 adds something to the mix too. We can see why this is the most popular in their line, this is some tasty juice and we all know how everyone enjoys a Cereal vape now and then.

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